Wholesale Programs for Retail/Spa/Boutique

Add JAVA Skin Care to the shelves of your Boutique or Spa.
Let's discuss which products would best fit your business model.

Each of our Face and Body Care Products are available
for wholesale in cases of six(6).


Contact us at info@javaskincare.com for a link to our

Wholesale Product Guide and Order Form with Pricing

JAVA Refill Bar 
Bulk Purchasing Program

Designed to decrease waste and increase store traffic while offering you a
savings of up to 20% off our regular wholesale prices.

“We are taking Sustainability to the next level:
Refill means No Waste -
For the Shop Owner, that also means Return Customers.”

java skin care refill bar pic
Inspired by our continued efforts to create a zero-waste skin care brand, we have developed the JAVA Refill Bar- an environmentally friendly way for consumers to purchase our all-natural, toxin free products.

Three Ways to Refill
  • purchase and sell our beautiful glass refillable bottles
  • provide your own bottles
  • invite your customers to bring their own containers
JAVA Refill Bar Dispensing Display
We have developed an eco-friendly display to dispense our products. Beautiful and practical at the same time, each display comes with measuring beakers and scoops so you can easily portion out product to fill any containers your customers wish to use. 

Recycling Program
JAVA's bulk serums for the JAVA Refill Bar are shipped in plastic containers. Every order comes with a pre-labeled return envelope so that when you've emptied the serums into the dispensers you can mail the plastic bottles back (at no cost to you) for us to sanitize and reuse. Our bulk scrubs ship in biodegradable packets that can be disposed of after use. 

Contact us for pricing and display information:

Countertop Collection

java skin care countertop collection
  • Eye Catching Display
  • Easy Impulse Grabs
  • TSA Compliant Travel Sizes
  • Perfect Introductory-Sized Products
Collection Includes:
8 Body Serum Minis
6 Body Wash Minis
6 Body Scrub Minis
6 Demitasse Lip Balms
6 Demitasse Lip Duos
6 Bloom Duos
Wooden, Branded Display Box
Marketing Materials


Body Serum - 32 oz. 

Body Scrub - 32 oz. 

Body Wash - 32 oz.

Demitasse Lip Scrub - 8 oz. 

For a Backbar order form or more information, contact us: info@javaskincare.com


*Wholesale pricing options are for Boutiques/Spas/Commercial Businesses Only.

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