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JAVA Skin Care creates all-natural skincare products harnessing the rejuvenating properties of organic raw green coffee, a powerful source of antioxidants and caffeine to improve skin's tone and texture. Nourishing for all skin-types, our plant-based ingredients are specifically selected to meet our high standards of purity, efficacy, and environmental sustainability. 

Coffee has been used for centuries in skin care and beauty products. Indigenous cultures were the first to discover the healing and rejuvenating effects of rubbing coffee oil into their skin. Our proprietary blend of Raw Coffee and Argan Oil is what distinguishes JAVA from other coffee skin care lines. Our extract is added to organic, plant-based ingredients selected for their benefits to body and wellness and environmental sustainability. We are proud to be a Women-owned and managed indie beauty company.

Meet the Team

JAVA team pic with Stephanie, Emily and Denise

Stephanie Additon

Stephanie Additon, Founder

Stephanie began her journey into skin care because of...coffee.  During her first start up (founding a coffee roasting company), she became aware of the positive benefits her favorite drink has for human health, and then discovered its wonder for the outside of the body too.

She created JAVA’s process for harnessing the benefits of organic green coffee for truly all-natural skin care products — doing her first run of market testing on the coffee shop regulars. Stephanie then began selling at farmer's markets and pop-up shops throughout RI and then introduced JAVA to spas and boutiques across the USA . Today, JAVA can also be found on multiple online outlets.

Stephanie has won Women Entrepreneur for RISBJ in 2014 and Women Entrepreneur of the Year in PBN in 2015 as well as being recognized as a outstanding Rhode Island manufacturer. She lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island with her family, and JAVA’s team mascot - Driftwood the Dog. 

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Emily O'Donnell 
Director of Innovation/Formulation/Production

Emily O'Donnell, Formulator

Emily O’Donnell, aka the JAVA Muse, is Director of Innovation, Formulation and Production. Her journey with JAVA Skin Care began during her University of Rhode Island days. She took a position as a barista in the coffee roaster and café owned by JAVA’s owner. Being a quick study aided her as she learned about coffee, its origins, the different levels of roasting, and of course, the seemingly endless methods of coffee preparation.

Emily quickly became a competent barista and shop assistant. She has a creative mind and an eye for detail that worked right into the skills needed for this new journey. It was a no brainer for Stephanie that she bring Emily along on when she was creating her new coffee skin care venture. Emily continued to work at the coffee shop as the JAVA line was  being researched and developed, but eventually, the time came to devote her time fully to JAVA Skin Care.

Along the way, she has learned many new skills: packaging, shipping, labeling to name a few. These systems required time spent to learn how, compare different methods, find the right equipment… She did the research and we worked together as a team to determine the right course of action needed. Today, Emily has setup a shipping system that keeps JAVA running smoothly and getting the orders out. Her most recent endeavor is the formulation of JAVA products. We recently moved to a new location and we have brought all production in-house. Already knowledgeable in the field of all-natural skin care as a self-taught formulator, Emily is now working towards formulation certifications to really round out her education. She is already a believer in all-natural organic plant-based ingredients. In her home, she uses many of her own creations for anything from skin care to cleaning products.

Emily is a native Rhode Islander with extended family scattered throughout the New England region. While growing up, she was fortunate to have parents who loved adventure and travel, giving both her and her brother the opportunity to be exposed to so many different people, cultures, places, and points of view. These experiences offer ideas and knowledge that she can draw from as she ponders the next new line creation.

Emily is married to her best friend, Josh O’Donnell. They live in North Kingstown with their very sweet  American Bully Frankie. Together, they love to hang with their friends and family, travel and spend time outdoors hiking, camping and swimming. Emily is also a voracious reader and both Emily and Josh are incredible cooks.

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Denise Drouin
Director of Logistics/WebDesign/IT

Denise Drouin, Web Technologies

Denise has five younger sisters, so she developed lots of patience over the years as well as a strong sense of responsibility. This experience serves her well as she maintains and updates JAVA's website and technology, oversees the accounting/bookkeeping files, helps to create and update the JAVA blog, oversees day to day operations & logistics, works on special projects and makes sure the organization is operating properly.

Denise has always had an affinity for technology – in particular, personal computers. She blames this on early "Star Trek" exposure - a weekly family activity when she was young. Over the years, she dabbled in programming and computer repair. During the early eighties, she worked with microcomputers and took a couple of computer programming courses. In 2012, she decided to formalize her computer studies and in 2014 she was awarded a Certificate in Web Technologies.

Denise is passionate about community involvement and has volunteered in numerous ways over the years. Currently, she is serving as a Board Member and webmaster for the Lake Morey Protective Association in Fairlee, Vermont, which is dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty and health of the Lake and its vicinity. She has recently connected with Grands Flourish - a non-profit assisting Grand Parents who are the main caregivers for their grandchildren - with bookkeeping assistance.

Denise has lived in Rhode Island since 1983. She moved here from her native state of New Hampshire. She is married to husband Jeff Johnson and has two adult children, Damien and Emily. She loves spending time at the family's lake cottage in Vermont, where you can often find her on the front porch with laptop in front of her.  Denise loves adventure travel, and she and her family have shared many thrilling experiences such as rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, riding horses out on the open range in Wyoming and on safari through the Serengeti in Tanzania.

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