JAVA's new Refill Bar has been created with
Sustainability in mind

Our Bulk Purchasing Program is designed to decrease waste.

Inspired by our continued efforts to create a zero-waste skin care brand, the JAVA Refill Bar is an environmentally friendly way for consumers to purchase our all-natural, toxin free products.

Stores will have the ability to provide three ways to refill:

  • sell JAVA's beautiful glass refillable bottles
  • stores provide their own bottles 
  • customers bring their own containers 

Coming Soon To A Store Near You!

 Say No to This Future:

The Environment –  Social Development –  Economic Development

At JAVA Skin Care, we take our part in a sustainable future seriously. Here are some key points considered in our product development and business model:

  • Our Coffee purchases promote organic agricultural practices and honest wages for farmers. It is critical to us that we source our coffee beans from farms that plant Shade Grown, Fair Trade and/or Rainforest Alliance certified techniques.
  • Careful consideration is given to ingredient and packaging purchases. Each step of our product creation is given careful consideration and we are always reviewing current practices – we know there is always room for improvement.
  • Our coffee is Fair Trade which means honest wages for farmers.
  • Our Argan Oil is sourced from Moroccan Women’s co-ops.
  • We are a woman-owned, women run operation.

So What Is Sustainability All About?

Sustainability is a trending topic these days. We hear it on TV, we see it on the web and even at the grocery store. It is even one of the newest degree subjects taught at colleges and universities. Very often, we use the word as it relates to our environment and how to protect it. In order to combat issues such as climate change, there are really many other areas affecting our lives where sustainability plays a key role.

The definition of Sustainability is:

  • the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
  • avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

As consumers, we need to become educated in all aspects of sustainability. Our survival as a species and our planet depends on it. In 2005, the World Summit on Social Development identified three core areas that contribute to the philosophy and social science of sustainable development1:

  • Economic Development
  • Social Development
  • Environmental Protection

Each of these areas are interconnected. If we choose to ignore one part, the other parts will eventually fail. Jobs, employable capability, supply and demand consumerism are some of the topics that need to be tackled as part of economic development. Education, quality of life and housing encompass some of the issues of social development. Recycling, renewable power, air quality, healthy ecosystems all fall under environmental protection. Take time to consider each of these concerns and you will start to draw connections between each one.

We all need to acknowledge our role in the ongoing health of our planet.  The choices we make now will have far-reaching consequences for future generations. Job availability and security, accessible medical services, technology resources,  available food and water, and a natural environment that can be shared by all, humans and other creatures – we really are all in this together. We can all be part of the solution.

At JAVA Skin Care, we are proud of our commitment to sustainability and hope that you will join us in making earth-friendly sustainability choices everyday.

1 2019