The organic raw green coffee infused into all our products delivers potent antioxidants and caffeine to help protect skin against premature aging and defends against free radical damage.

Help improve the look and feel of your skin from head to toe with natural plant-based formulations.

Spotlight... Trio Routine

This Trio of JAVA products is used by spas across the country to help reduce the feel and appearance of cellulite and other skin imperfections.  Maintain a healthier look with continued use.

Steph Says: It's June - Let Summer Fun Begin!!

We are fortunate to live in and work from Narragansett, RI... our beaches have won numerous awards for their beauty. It is a special place that I invite you all to visit.

Coffee & Skin Care

The coffee plant contains one of nature's most powerful combinations of nutrients and antioxidants that we extract to create all natural, organic skin care products that restore and protect skin.  For example, CAFFEINE alone is an anti-inflammatory, calming irritated and reddened skinand giving it a natural healthy appearance. 

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