Coffee & Skin Care

The coffee plant contains one of nature's most powerful combinations of nutrients and antioxidants that we extract to create all natural, organic skin care products that restore and protect skin.  For example, CAFFEINE alone is an anti-inflammatory, calming irritated and reddened skin, and giving it a natural healthy appearance. 

Steph Says: Grateful!

As the New Year sets in, all I can think about is how grateful I am. 2018 was a year to remember…JAVA Skin Care had its best year ever! None of our success would have been possible without our amazing team, friends, family, and you – our Tribe!

Spotlight... Coffee+Mint


JAVA's MINT EXFOLIATING WONDERBAR uses ground roasted coffee to gently exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate your skin. This all-natural product scrubs away dead skin cells to help your new skin emerge, ready to absorb our potent mix of coffee, mint, and serum.

Generous in size, and long-lasting, this skin-smoothing Wonderbar is perfect for a daily indulgence.

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