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Stephanie Additon

Stephanie began her journey into skin care because  During her first start up (founding a coffee roasting company), she became aware of the positive benefits her favorite drink has for human health, and then discovered its wonder for the outside of the body too.

She created JAVA’s process for harnessing the benefits of organic green coffee for truly all-natural skin care products — doing her first run of market testing on the coffee shop regulars. Stephanie then began selling at spas, then farmer's markets, and now at boutiques across the USA.

Stephanie has won Women Entrepreneur for RISBJ in 2014 and Women Entrepreneur of the Year in PBN in 2015 as well as being recognized as a outstanding Rhode Island manufacturer. She lives in Narragansett, Rhode Island with her family, and JAVA’s team mascot - Driftwood the Dog.


Emily O'Donnell 
Director of Innovation/Product Development

Denise Drouin
Director Logistics/IT

Denise maintains and updates JAVA Skin Care's website and technology related activities, oversees the accounting/bookkeeping files, helps to create and update the JAVA blog, oversees day to day operations/logistics, and works on special projects.

Denise has always had an affinity for technology – in particular, personal computers. She blames this on early "Star Trek" exposure - a weekly family activity when she was young. Over the years, she dabbled in programming and computer repair. During the early eighties, she worked with microcomputers and took a couple of computer programming courses. In 2012, she decided to formalize her computer studies and in 2014 she was awarded a Certificate in Web Technologies.

Denise is passionate about community involvement and has volunteered in numerous ways over the years. Currently, she is serving as a Board Member for the Lake Morey Protective Association in Fairlee, Vermont, which is dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty and health of the Lake and its vicinity.

Denise has lived in Rhode Island since 1983 after moving from New Hampshire. She is married to husband Jeff Johnson and has two adult children, Damien and Emily. She loves spending time at their lake cottage in Vermont, where you can often find her on her front porch with laptop in front of her.  Denise loves adventure travel, and she and her family have shared many thrilling experiences such as rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, riding horses out on the open range in Wyoming, and on safari in the Serengeti. Denise enjoys reading (especially science fiction), music, hiking, cycling, cooking, gardening and archery.


Michelle Frank
Creative Director



Olivia DeMatteo
Social Media Guru

Stacey Doyle
Product Photographer