Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Additon founded JAVA Skin Care and is its CEO.
She began her journey into skin care because of...coffee.  During her first start up (founding a coffee roasting company), Stephanie became aware of the positive benefits of her favorite drink has for human health, and then discovered its wonder for the outside of the body too.

She created JAVA’s process for harnessing the benefits of organic green coffee for truly all natural skin care products — doing her first run of market testing on the coffee shop regulars. Stephanie then began selling at spas, then farmer's markets, and now at high-end retailers across the USA.

Stephanie has won Women Entrepreneur for RISBJ in 2014 and Women Entrepreneur of the Year in PBN in 2015 as well as being recognized as a outstanding Rhode Island manufacturer. She lives in Narragansett, Rhode Island with her family, and JAVA’s team mascot - Driftwood the Dog.