BLOOM LIP DUO - Rose Lip Scrub & Tinted Lip Balm Set

$ 14.00

Our Bloom Lip Duo marries the exceptional aromas of freshly brewed coffee and bloomed roses to create a luxurious lip conditioning experience. This set gives your lips that smooth and plump look, while adding a light blush using only organic plant-based tint.  As always, this product uses only the highest quality ingredients featuring our signature Organic Green Coffee and Argan Oil infusion. Gently exfoliate with our scrub to prime your lips, then follow with our balm to protect, shine and tint.

Lip Scrub Ingredients: pure cane sugar*, argan oil*, ground roasted coffee*, red rose petals*, ground green coffee*, geranium-rose essential oil*

Lip Balm Ingredients: cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, argan oil* infused with green coffee* and roasted coffee*, beeswax, beet root powder*, pomegranate juice powder*, geranium-rose essential oil*, tocopherol

*organic ingredient 

Set includes: Java Bloom Lip Balm, 0.25 oz.; Java Bloom Lip Scrub, 0.25 oz

No Phtalates, No Parabens No Synthetic Fragrance or Color, Gluten Free, Sulphate Free, Cruelty Free

Made in USA

$16 Value

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