Lunch with Rhode Island Sentator Jack Reed- March 21, 2014

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed has long been a supporter of Women Entrepreneur’s. I was thrilled to be invited by Jessica Wood of Wild Wood Catering for a lunch discussion with the Senator. We met at the Hive a co working space in North Kingstown RI. Senator Reed stayed with us for over an hour and listened to our group share our experiences as business owners in Rhode Island and moreover in Southern Rhode Island. Together with he and his team we came up with some great ideas for growing our economy. Senator Reed will be back to meet with...

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Thank you for joining re-JAVA-nation!

I am grateful and sincerely appreciative of all of the positive thoughts and energy from re-JAVA-nation this week!  Special thanks to all who sent in testimonials, and to our newest customers Alayne White Spa and Suite Tart for believing in us.   Our rapid growth is equally exciting and humbling.  I look forward to sharing some big news in the months ahead - - stay tuned!  We will continue our commitment to bring you the best, most natural and most environmentally friendly and ethical products available.  And most importantly, we welcome direct feedback and suggestions.  We want to hear from...

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